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    Chemours Refrigerants

    Freon™ refrigerants

    The Freon™ brand has been trusted by the industry since the first fluorochemical refrigerants were introduced to the marketplace by our business over 85 years ago. Over this time, Freon™ has come to stand for the highest quality and performance across multiple applications within air conditioning and refrigeration.

    As our business developed new HFC products they took on new tradenames, including Suva™ and ISCEON™. However, as we began to transition to Chemours, we recognized the value of the Freon™ brand and have since taken steps to amplify it. As a result, our full HFC portfolio will be represented by Freon™ going forward.

    See the table below to determine which Freon™ refrigerant is right for your business.


    Product Replaces Application
    Freon™ 22 Being Phased Out
    • Residential and Commercial A/C
    • Medium- and low-temperature commercial refrigeration:
      • food service
      • supermarket display cases
      • food storage and processing
      • ice machines
      • some transport
    Freon™ MO99 R-22 Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
    NU-22B™ (R-422B) R-22 Residential and Commercial AC
    Freon™ MO29 R-22 DX water chillers, DX medium- to low-temp refrigeration, DX residential and commercial air conditioning
    Freon™ 410A R-22 New residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps
    Freon™ 134a R-12

    Medium and high-temperature for stationary commercial refrigeration, chiller equipment, and home appliances

    Retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

     Freon™ 404A R-502

    Commercial refrigeration equipment

    New and existing R-502 equipment

    Freon™ 407C R-22

    Positive displacement equipment:

    • New or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners
    • New or existing residential and commercial heat pumps

    Existing medium-temperature applications

    Freon™ 407A R-22 Medium- and low-temperature direct expansion refrigeration
    Freon™ HP80 R-502 Low- and medium-temperature commercial refrigeration equipment for reach-in and walk-in freezers and supermarket systems
    Freon™ MP39 R-12 Medium- and low temperature positive displacement equipment for supermarket systems and walk-in coolers
    Freon™ 123 R-11

    Low-pressure centrifugal chillers

    New centrifugal equipment

    Freon™ 23  R-13 and R-503 Very Low Temperature (VLT) [below -40°F to -100°F (-40°C to -73°C)]:
    • medical freezers
    • environmental chambers
    Hot Shot 2™ (R-417C)  R-12, R-134a, R-500, R-401A/B, R-409A, R-414B, R-416A, R-420A, R-426A, R-437 Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
    One Shot-C™ (R-422C)  R-13 and R-503 For low- and medium-temperature applications
    Clean Shot™     ACR System Flush


    Stationary Air Conditioning  Automotive Air Conditioning 
    Freon™ 39TC Freon™ 134a Mobile
    Freon™ MO49Plus Freon™ MO49Plus
    Freon™ MO59  
    Freon™ 124  
    Freon™ 236fa  
    Freon™ 39TC  Freon™ HP81
    Freon™ MO49Plus Freon™ 408A
    Freon™ MO59 Freon™ 409A
    Freon™ MO79 Freon™ 507
    Freon™ MP66  Freon™ 95