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    Ti-Pure™ R-902+ Titanium Dioxide

    Ti-Pure™ R-902+ is a multi-purpose grade pigment recommended for use when a single pigment is required to perform well in interior and exterior gloss and semi-gloss systems. Though less resistant to weathering than other grades, R-902+ provides an excellent balance of performance properties.

    A rutile titanium dioxide pigment, R-902+ is manufactured by the chloride process and is supplied as a fine, dry powder. It is specifically formulated to perform well in a wide range of solvent-based and aqueous systems and provides:

    • High chalk resistance
    • High gloss retention
    • High tint retention
    • Excellent resistance to overbake yellowing during cure

    Applications where Ti-Pure™ R-902+ is of particular value are:

    • Industrial maintenance, implement, and transportation finishes
    • Container coatings
    • Architectural interior flat, semi-gloss and exterior finishes
    • Exterior industrial finishes except those requiring the highest level of durability
    • Powder coatings


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    Ti-Pure™ R-902+ Product Information
    Ti-Pure™ R-902+ ... The Easy Choice