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    Chemical Products, Businesses,
    and Processes

    Chemical products, services, and other resources from the Chemours Titanium Technologies, Fluoroproducts, and Chemical Solutions businesses.

    Ti-Pure™ One Coat Systems

    Combining market insight, formulation expertise, and innovative products to provide new levels of hiding power.

    Coatings Applications

    Overview of Ti-Pure™ for paints and coatings, including architectural, industrial automotive, marine, and aerospace uses.

    Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300

    Provides better hiding power for flat and low-sheen coatings that can cover old layers with just one coat.

    Ti-Pure™ TS-6200

    A super-durable pigment for industrial applications including automotive, powder, coil, marine, and other coatings.

    Ti-Pure™ R-902+ for Versatility

    A multipurpose pigment providing balanced performance in both interior and exterior coatings applications.

    Ti-Pure™ R-706 for Flexibility

    Delivers both high gloss and excellent durability in a range of architectural, industrial, and automotive coatings.

    Ti-Pure™ R-960 for Durability

    Highly durable pigment for automotive, aerospace, and other coatings requiring superior chalk resistance and tint retention.

    Ti-Pure™ R-900 for Interiors

    General-purpose pigment used in interior alkyd and latex paints for gloss and semigloss applications.

    Plastics Applications

    Overview of Ti-Pure™ for polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, ABS, acrylics, PET/PBT, PPS, PVC, and other plastics.

    Ti-Pure™ R-101 for Plastics

    Low level of surface treatment for excellent dry-blend dispersion in high-temperature plastics applications.

    Ti-Pure™ R-103 for Color

    Alumina surface treatment reduces discoloration of resin compounds and finished plastics due to ultraviolet light.

    Ti-Pure™ R-104 for Plastics

    Good melt flow in highly loaded thermoplastic master batches and engineering resins needing high opacity at low loading.

    Ti-Pure™ R-105 for Durability

    Maximum durability for uses requiring extended outdoor life, with high dispersibility in plasticized vinyl/polyolefins.

    Ti-Pure™ R-350 for Performance

    Designed for plastic applications that require superior dispersion, temperature resistance, and other performance properties.

    Ti-Pure™ R-960 for Outdoor Use

    Provides outstanding color retention for outdoor building plastic products such as vinyl fences and railings.

    Laminates and Paper Applications

    Overview of Ti-Pure™ for paper and paperboard, including laminate, packaging, printing, and writing uses.

    Ti-Pure™ R-796+ for Laminates

    Excellent retention and opacity for décor papers, decorative foils, and print-based applications.

    Mineral Applications

    Starblast™ is a high-efficiency, low-dusting, low-free-silica blasting mineral abrasive used in multiple business segments.

    Chemours is the world's leading maker of fluoroproducts, including Teflon fluoropolymers, Krytox performance lubricants, Viton™ fluoroelastomers, and Opteon refrigerants.

    Opteon™ YF Mobile Refrigerants

    An automotive refrigerant that complies with low global warming potential requirements for automotive air conditioning.

    Opteon™ Stationary Refrigerants

    A breakthrough range of refrigerants that deliver efficiency while lowering global warming potential.

    Opteon™ 1100 foam blowing agents

    New fluorochemistry enables a 99% reduction in global warming potential for this foam blowing agent.

    Teflon EcoElite™ for Fabrics

    The first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated, high-performance water repellent for fabric and textiles.

    Teflon™ Fluoroplastics

    Solutions that enable high-performance, contamination-free manufacturing of semiconductor materials.

    Teflon™ FEP Resin & Film

    For applications requiring chemical resistance, electrical properties, or high-heat resistance.

    Teflon™ Nonstick Coatings

    We didn't just invent the nonstick cookware category; we're constantly perfecting it.

    Teflon™ Fabric Protector

    Durable water repellency and stain & soil protection for fabrics.

    Teflon™ PTFE resins

    Have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking.

    Teflon™ Industrial Coatings

    Six exceptional coatings, all with resistance to high temperatures, chemical reactions, corrosion, and stress-cracking.

    Teflon™ PFA Resin & Film

    Provides the processing ease of thermoplastic resins with high-temperature performance up to 260°C.

    Freon™ Refrigerants

    HFC refrigerant used for both residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

    Tefzel™ ETFE Resin

    Combines mechanical power with exceptional chemical stillness for rotational molding.

    Krytox™ Lubricants

    Long lasting lubricants that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments.

    Nafion™ Membranes & Dispersions

    The premier choice for second-to-none power output and durability in the fuel cell industry.

    Viton™ Fluoroelastomers

    Solutions that enable high performance for automotive manufacturers, while meeting lower emissions regulations.

    FM-200™ waterless fire suppressant

    Waterless fire suppression systems that deploy quickly and cleanly, without damage.

    Capstone™ Repellents

    Repellents and surfactants for fire suppression, protective coatings, and other uses.

    Vertrel™ specialty fluids

    A family of nonflammable, versatile fluids used for electronics defluxing, precision cleaning and much more.

    Formacel™ foam blowing agents

    Our line of consistent, cost-efficient, high-quality and sustainable foam expansion solutions.


    A safe alternative to smog forming and volatile organic compound propellants for consumer, household and industrial applications.

    ECCtreme™ ECA Fluoroplastics

    A new perfluoroplastic resin that raises heat resistance to 300°C for demanding energy and other applications.

    Chemours is a leader in the safe and efficient production of high-quality industrial chemical products, including sodium cyanide for mining, Glypure™ glycolic acid, Vazo™ chemical initiators, methylamine, and aniline.

    Mining Solutions

    Industry-leading sodium cyanide production and management for gold and silver producers.

    Glypure™ Glycolic Acid

    Cosmetic-grade glycolic acid for personal care and cosmetic products used in skin, hair, and nail care.

    Vazo™ Chemical Initiators

    Producing efficient initiation of key chemical reactions across industries.

    Methylamine Chemical Intermediates

    Raw materials used to improve and manufacture the items that surround us every day.

    Aniline Industrial Chemicals

    We are the leading producer and merchant of aniline intermediates and derivatives.

    Glyclean™ for Semiconductors

    Low ppb level track metal content glycolic acid for wafer processing and a range of semiconductor manufacturing uses.

    Glycolic Acid for Boilers

    Glycolic acid for boiler systems and heat exchangers provides effective cleaning and ready biodegradability.