Mixing Chemistry and Market Insight

Innovative technology, formulation expertise, and research helps paint manufacturers bring higher-performance products to market.

Ti-Pure™ One Coat systems add performance and hiding power.

The Ti-Pure™ One Coat approach expands the limits of hiding power. It was developed based on market insights, customer knowledge, and trial studies with professional painters around the world.

As the world's largest producer of TiO2, Chemours offers specialized formulations to meet the business needs and market opportunities of our customers.

Advanced products are key to the Ti-Pure™?One Coat?systems. For example, Ti-Pure™?Select TS-6300 uses advanced technology that allows precise control of particle size and surface chemistry.

One coat conquers all.

Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 is made with our proprietary chloride-base process to consistently produce high-quality, high-performance pigments for flat and low-sheen interior and exterior coatings.

What sets it apart from previous products is superior hiding power. Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 improves hiding power by up to 20% or more* compared with universal pigments. It's a difference that lets manufacturers create paints that cover in a single coat.?


Scattering the crowd provides better coverage

TiO2 particles are the principal light-scattering agents in coatings. But when they get too close together, they lose some of their scattering power, and that means paint can lose out on potential hiding power.?

The engineered inorganic surface treatment on Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 spaces TiO2 particles more evenly, for better light-scattering efficiency and enhanced hiding power.

Michael P. Diebold, Chemours Technology Fellow.

Michael P. Diebold, PhD

Chemours Technology Fellow

It's not enough to merely have TiO2 in a paint. It has to be very well dispersed, to achieve… optimal hiding power.

Better coverage supports a smaller environmental footprint.

More hiding power can mean fewer coats of paint are needed to complete a job, making a smaller impact on the environment.?Utilizing Spread Rate to quantify hiding power,?paint made with Ti-Pure?Select TS-6300 showed a 22% reduction in the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint vs. paint made at equal loading with typical multi-purpose TiO2?(universal).

carbon grade chart

More about environmental impact

Success is in the facts.

Trial studies with professional painters worldwide confirm superior ease of application and dry film performance for Ti-Pure™ One Coat paints made using Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300.

  1. Germany: 100% preference for Ti-Pure™ in testing with 7 painters.

  2. China: 78% preference for Ti-Pure™ in testing with 100 painters.

  3. Mexico: 85% preference for Ti-Pure™ in testing with 33 painters.

Uncompromising endurance.

One coat hiding power doesn't require a compromise on weathering resistance. In a 12-month test, color retention of paints containing multipurpose standard industry pigments was comparable to that of a coating made with the power of Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300, when exposed to Florida weather conditions.


*Up to 20% increase in coverage as measured by ''Spread Rate'': formulation dependent.

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