Where White Pigments Do More

Ti-Pure™ pigments are known for brightness you can see. But they also deliver performance you can measure.

Ti-Pure™ pigments make brighter ideas possible.

Roofs that make buildings more energy efficient. Silo bags that help farmers grow profits. Building systems that lower the cost of construction. It's amazing what white can do.

Sometimes the next big thing is actually a number of smaller ones. Ti-Pure™ pure white pigments, known for brightness you can see, are also quietly enabling performance changes you can measure. By powering new applications, efficiencies, and improvements, Ti-Pure™ helps customers create better products and unlock new business opportunities.

Energy efficiency from the roof down.

In cities around the world, tar roofs soak up heat in the summer. Reflective white paints that absorb less of the sun's heat can mean lower summer air conditioning costs and net energy savings.

Lower air conditioning use translates to lower electricity use, which can have positive effects including:

  1. Reducing peak electricity demand and blackout risk on the hottest days

  2. Reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, and lowering the overall temperature in large cities

To document the difference, we worked with THERMOTEK™ a maker of roof coatings. Our research in Monterrey, Mexico, found that a Ti-Pure™ highly reflective white roof coating can reduce the cooling load (the amount of air conditioning required to cool a building to a specific temperature) by 51% compared to a black asphalt waterproof roof – and by 12% compared to a conventional white waterproof coating.


A New Plan for Affordable Buildings

For conventional homes and commercial buildings, the high cost of construction can include wood, water, and skilled labor. New polymer buildings require less of all three.

Initially developed for the rapidly growing Brazilian market, the buildings are a partnership with Braskem, a leading resin maker, and Global Housing International, a maker of PVC and concrete construction systems.

Ti-Pure™ pure white pigments are integrated into the building materials to improve appearance, provide UV-resistance, and enable easy cleaning and maintenance. All without painting.

It's a simple system that makes it possible to put up a finished house in a week (traditional methods take at least 90 days). It also makes construction simpler and less costly for larger buildings, such as schools and warehouses.?

For contractors and developers, it's a new business opportunity with the potential to expand the market. For people and communities, it's a way to make better places to live, work, and learn attainable.


Longer lifespans for bridges and budgets.

Wind and rain take their toll on bridges. But ultra-violet radiation from the sun breaks down paint, whatever the weather.

Repainting can be costly. For example, in 2010 the cost of repainting and other improvements for New York's famous Brooklyn Bridge came in at over $500 million.?

Ti-Pure™ coatings for bridges are precision formulated to absorb UV radiation. That extends the life of the coating. Which protects both the bridge and the budget. And more time between re-coatings means less resources used; from paint, to trucks, to equipment used by workers.

bridge moda

Smarter storage for farmers.

Harvest time and market timing don't always go together. But silo bags give farmers a lower cost storage alternative versus renting silo space and incurring freight costs.

A single bag can store up to 180 tons of corn, soy, or other crops in or near the field. The durable silo bags can be 200 feet long. Once filled, they may sit in the sun for anywhere from 12 to 24 months, allowing farmers to choose when to sell their crop.

Ti-Pure™ provides reflective white to the bags, which helps keep the crops inside cooler, and extends the time they can be stored. It also provides UV radiation resistance which helps keep the silo bag from weakening and potentially breaking during prolonged exposure to the sun.

silo bags

The protection you don't see.

Wherever the sun shines, there's a darker side for lightweight, energy, efficient, affordable windows, siding, decks, fencing, and other products made from PVC. Ti-Pure™ protects PVC against sunlight and UV radiation. It's not just a matter of appearance. Without TiO2, PVC will also lose strength and rigidity.

Sunlight can also damage food and personal care products, from chips to shampoo. Common UV light effects can include loss of color and changes in texture or flavor. So in addition to providing a beautiful background on the outside of packages, Ti-Pure™ pure white helps protect what's inside, too.?

Even solar panels need sun protection. Primarily designed to soak up UV light, photovoltaic panels also need to be able to withstand its effects over the long-term. Inner structural layers and electronic components that can be damaged by sunlight need to be shielded, as well. Ti-Pure™ can protect both outer and inner workings against extended exposure, to help keep panels in service and maintenance free longer.

solar moda

Turning Up the hiding power of paint.

There's no compromising on coverage. When the paint dries, a freshly painted wall, floor, or ceiling either looks right or it gets a second coat. Ti-Pure™ One Coat systems were designed to expand the limits of hiding power.

To achieve one coat coverage, the system relies on advanced products. The latest product innovation is Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300. It's a product that can improve hiding power by up to 20% or more*.

TS-6300 uses an engineered inorganic surface treatment that spaces TiO2 particles more evenly. That results in better light-scattering efficiency and enhanced hiding power.

Just as important was market research that showed the difference mattered to professional painters. In trials, paints produced utilizing Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology were preferred by greater than 80% of painters in global studies across the world. So an improvement that started in the lab, held up in the field – and on the wall.

girl painting

*Up to 20% increase in coverage as measured by "Spread Rate": formulation dependent.

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