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    A headshot of Ed Sparks, President of Chemical Solutions at The Chemours Company.

    Ed Sparks

    President, Chemical Solutions

    We have the opportunity to be more entrepreneurial and serve as catalysts for change—catalysts for better.

    Great chemistry is the bond between us.

    Careers at Chemours are driven by the scale of a $6 billion chemical company with the energy of a startup. Employees with decades of experience work side by side with the next generation of engineering and technology talent. Together, we're harnessing the power of chemistry to help customers succeed and people live better.

    Annemie Wagemans, Operations Manager, Kallo, Belgium, EU.

    Annemie Wagemans

    Operations Manager | Kallo, Belgium, EU

    I've had the opportunity to see our supply chain in person, not just on paper. When I visit customers in the Middle East and Africa, there's an energy that you could never get on a conference call.

    Jaime Cristancho, Six Sigma Champion and Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Latin America, Bogotá, Cundinmarca, Colombia.

    Jaime Cristancho

    Six Sigma Champion and Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Consultant | Bogotá, Cundinmarca, Colombia

    We are in an industry that is reinventing the way it works. Changing our company to make the way we work simpler will really allow us to focus on our growth and our customers.

    Laboratory workers are an example of chemistry careers at Chemours.

    Engineering at Chemours

    Bigger opportunities for engineers.

    At Chemours you can use market-shaping chemistry to create new products for customers. But that's just part of the equation. You'll be challenged to do so in ways that are smarter, safer, and more sustainable. At present, we are actively recruiting outstanding chemical engineers for manufacturing technology positions at several of our global sites.

    Karen Jonsen, Demand Planner, Kallo, Belgium, EU.

    Karen Jonsen

    Demand Planner | Kallo, Belgium, EU

    Everything starts with the customer. Even our supply chain. When demand swings in one market, we'll try to bring in products from another to keep customers up and running.

    Titan Yu, Continuous Improvement Leader, Chang Shu, China.

    Titan Yu

    Continuous Improvement Leader | Changshu, China

    We're starting with very high safety, health, and environment (SHE) standards inherited from DuPont and adding the agility of a new company. But that knowledge and the reputation that goes with it makes me proud to work at Chemours.

    Martha Etherington, Human Resources Business Partner, Kingston, ON, Canada.

    Martha Etherington

    Human Resources Business Partner | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    After 35 years at DuPont, I'm excited to have a chance to be part of building a new company that's already a leader in the industry.