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    Microscopic imagery of molecule illustrates the chemistry behind Chemours performance chemicals.
    Microscopic imagery of molecule illustrates the chemistry behind Chemours performance chemicals.

    We Are Living Chemistry

    We bring higher value chemistry to life.

    We are a world leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions. We are focused on our differentiated portfolio of premium products positioned to help our customers respond to developed and developing market needs. We are a new company with over 200 years of history, created from DuPont’s performance chemicals businesses.

    Our chemistry shapes markets.

    We are catalysts for change. Our chemistry makes processes more efficient, products more valuable, and businesses more competitive. We are also catalysts for better. We help meet global demand for higher living standards in ways that are safer for everyone.

    We're a company of chemistry experts.

    We are thousands of employees strong, with 45 manufacturing and laboratory sites (technical centers) worldwide, serving customers in over 130 countries. Our portfolio is established, diverse, and developing more each day to serve key industries, including automotive, paints, plastics, electronics, energy, and telecommunications.


    A female scientist adding a solution into a test tube represents our driven team of higher value chemistry researchers.

    We bring higher value chemistry to our customers through our:

    Portfolio advantage: A streamlined portfolio of products that optimizes growth for our business in key developed and developing markets worldwide.

    Product advantage: Transformative product innovations and new, customer-led applications—differentiated to continuously improve our products.

    Operational advantage: We continuously improve our production efficiency, which is supported by the unmatched reliability of our global supply chain.

    We’re customer centered.

    We are always ready to bring innovative applications to new and emerging markets to fit our customers’ needs. We achieve this by becoming more intimate with our customers, building trust through new products and enhanced solutions that meet their business needs.

    We strive for continuous innovation to meet global needs.

    By 2030, the global middle class will more than double in size, from 2 billion to 4.9 billion people. That translates into billions of people wanting not just better things, but better lives. It is here at the intersection of demand and opportunity that The Chemours Company vision of higher value chemistry can make a difference. We seize new opportunities to meet the challenges of this unique moment in time, with products that are not only more efficient to make and to use; but also more reliable, safer, and more environmentally responsible.

    No one country has a monopoly on innovation, which is why we place such a high importance on our lab facilities around the world. In fact, we have technical centers and R&D facilities located at a number of our production sites, 10 stand-alone labs spread across the major regions of the world. These locations give us the opportunity to collectively find solutions by harnessing the brainpower of our partners in China, Switzerland, the US, and more.

    We power global change on a molecular level.

    Chemistry is a living thing. It is always evolving and changing, like us. Our focus is on harnessing the power of chemistry as a catalyst to help the ordinary become the extraordinary—this is our commitment to becoming a higher value chemistry company. We collaborate with customers to make cars cooler, homes warmer, food fresher, colors bolder. We use chemistry to change lives, shape markets, and redefine industries, and we do it one improvement at a time.


    *Compared to the current alternative R-134a


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    Contact Chemours to request information about our company, businesses, or individual products and services.