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    58 Facilities




    Production Facilities


    R&D/Technical Centers

    Research, Testing, and Chemical Manufacturing Locations

    Chemours has major research, development, and production facilities positioned to serve customers in every region of the world. We are positioned to deliver global capabilities and local knowledge across our Titanium Technologies, Fluoroproducts, and Chemical Solutions businesses.

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    Meyrin Technical Center

    R&D/Technical Center: Fluoroproducts & Chemical Solutions

    Meyrin, Switzerland

    A shared facility with DuPont, our European research and development center focuses on both evolving our core chemistries and creating specialized applications for customers. Nearly 200 scientists and engineers support markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    The European Technical Center focuses on automotive, aerospace, transportation, cosmetics, oil and gas, and other industries. Capabilities extend from early-stage research through commercialization, supported by processing, prototyping, and testing expertise.?

    The Meyrin Technical Center serves the Fluoroproducts and Titanium Technologies businesses in Meyrin, Switzerland, EU.

    Belle Plant

    Production Site: Chemical Solutions

    Belle, West Virginia, US

    The Chemours Belle Plant is located in Belle, West Virginia—approximately 8 miles east of Charleston, West Virginia. The 723-acre site is situated along the Kanawha River and has manufactured various specialty and agricultural products since 1926. The Belle Plant is situated in an area that is used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Chemours Belle employs approximately 250 people. The site also owns an additional 618-acre plot of land north of the site across State Route 60, which is referred to as the “Mountain Area.” 490 acres of the Mountain Area remain undeveloped and have been used as a wildlife habitat enhancement area, featuring tree and cool, season grass plantings to provide food and cover for wildlife, nesting structures for birds and mammals, three ponds, and wildflowers.

    Other tenants at the Belle site also include Kureha, Optima Chemical Group, and Sentinel Transportation.

    An aerial view that overlooks the Chemours Belle Plant in Belle, West Virginia.

    China Technology Center

    R&D/Technical Center: Fluoroproducts & Titanium Technologies

    Shanghai, China ?

    Our center for research, product development, customer support, and materials testing for customers across Asia. Over 30 scientists and engineers at the center provide in-market application expertise for customers, and connections to knowledge from around the world.?

    They support materials research for customers involved in automotive, bio-based materials, chemical production, coatings, communications, computers, consumer electronics, packaging, protection, and safety applications.

    The center provides process optimization for advanced manufacturing, part fabrication, and polymer blending. It also provides analytical capability for materials characterization, failure analysis, and performance properties.??

    The China Technology Center serves the Fluoroproducts and Titanium Technologies businesses in Shanghai, China.

    Johnsonville Plant

    Production Site: Titanium Technologies

    New Johnsonville, Tennessee, US

    Opened in 1959, the Johnsonville Plant is currently the largest TiO2 plant in the world. It produces a range of Ti-Pure™ grades and formulations for customers across our major markets. As production has grown, the plant has also reduced emissions, eliminated deep wells, and removed coal-fired boilers. In 2013, the facility received the Tennessee OSHA Governor’s Award for Safety Performance. ?

    The plant has more than 600 employees and over 400 contractors. It is located on a 1,500-acre national wildlife habitat. Our long history at the site has fostered strong community partnerships with local schools and Nashville State Community College.?

    ISO 9001 Certification

    The Johnsonville Plant, a Titanium Technologies production site in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, USA.

    Altamira Plant

    Production Site: Titanium Technologies

    Tamaulipas, Mexico?

    In May 2016, Chemours began commercial production at our multimillion-dollar expanded plant in Altamira, Mexico. This expansion helps meet increasing global demand for Ti-Pure™ grades used in paints, plastics, laminates, and paper. We employ nearly 500 employees and provide almost $50 million in local economic impact.

    The expansion of this facility helps Chemours provide sustainable, high-quality TiO2, which adds value to our customers and the community. The startup process has gone as expected, with production geared to ramp up steadily over a few years and achieve full annual capacity of 200,000 tones. As this happens, Chemours will balance utilization across our other facilities to align with customer needs.

    We maintained our outstanding safety record during the expansion of the plant. Even with using a large number of contractors, we had zero lost workday cases, and achieved a recordable injury rate that placed us in the top quartile of our American Chemical Council corporate benchmark.

    ISO 9001 Certification

    The Ti-Pure™ Altamira Plant, a Titanium Technologies production site in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

    Washington Works Plant

    Production Site: Fluoroproducts

    Washington, West Virginia, US?

    The Washington Works name honors George Washington, who originally received this land as part of a 1772 military land grant. Today, it’s home to the largest Chemours production facility. Washington Works is one of the area’s largest industrial employers, with a highly productive, community-minded workforce that has been a tremendous asset to the region since the plant opened in 1948.

    Washington Works produces products that are widely used throughout the construction, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, and household goods industries, among others. Products manufactured here include Capstone? repellents, Teflon? FEP resin, Teflon? PFA resin, Teflon? PTFE resins, Teflon? industrial and nonstick coatings, and TFE and HFP monomers. Washington Works has excellent river and highway access and is centrally located to major supplier and customer bases. The site is also certified as both a Wildlife at Work and a Corporate Lands for Learning workplace by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

    An aerial view of the largest Chemours production facility — Washington Works Plant in Washington, West Virginia.

    Dordrecht Plant

    Production Site: Fluoroproducts

    Dordrecht, The Netherlands

    Our largest production location in Europe produces or blends fluoromonomers (e.g. TFE/HFP); fluorochemicals (Vertrel™, Zyron™, Isceon™, and Opteon™ brand products); Teflon™ fluoropolymers; and Viton™ fluoroelastomers. The plant is strategically located near the port of Rotterdam and well connected with Germany and Belgium. Fluoroproducts produced here go primarily to customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    With over 550 workers, Chemours Dordrecht is one of the region's largest industrial employers. Our highly experienced and skilled workforce is strongly committed to Responsible Care™, and the company is currently ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The plant opened in 1960 and has a long history of engagement with the local and regional communities.?

    Dordrecht Works Dutch language site

    The Dordrecht Plant, a Fluoroproducts production site in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, EU.

    Changshu Plant

    R&D & Production Site: Fluoroproducts

    Changshu, China?

    Chemours is centralizing research, production, and blending for several key products by expanding and upgrading our facility in Changshu. This will create one of the world’s most advanced production facilities for both Teflon™ finish applications and low global warming refrigerants and insulating foams.?

    For Teflon™, consolidating the production of a range of finishes here will enable faster, more efficient response to customer application development opportunities.?

    For refrigerants, the site is the regional packaging and blending center for R-410, R-404a, and other refrigerant blends in Asia. The plant will also make Opteon™ 1100 insulating foam expansion agents, which use the same low global warming hydrofluoroolefin chemistry as Opteonproducts.

    Chemours has also partnered with a local producer, Zhonghao 3F, to produce Opteon™ refrigerants in a facility adjacent to the Chemours Changshu site.

    The Changshu Plant is a Fluoroproducts research and development and production site in Changshu, China.

    Global Directory

    Chemours regional headquarter office locations for our Titanium Technologies, Fluoroproducts, and Chemical Solutions businesses provide personal service and support for customers and businesses seeking information.


    The Chemours Company

    1007 Market Street
    P.O. Box 2047
    Wilmington, Delaware 19899 (US)


    The Chemours Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    7F, Bldg. 11, No. 399 Keyuan Road
    Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
    Pudong New District, Shanghai, PRC


    Chemours International Operations Sarl

    2 Chemin du Pavillon
    CH-1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
    Geneva, Switzerland
    +41-22-719 1500


    The Chemours Company Singapore Pte. Ltd.

    1 Harbourfront Place
    #16-01 Harbourfront Tower One
    Singapore 098633


    The Chemours Company

    Lago Zurich 245 Torre Zurich piso
    4 Colonia Ampliación Granada C.P.
    11529 Mexico D.F.