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    Balancing Growth
    & Responsibility

    Delivering strong, dependable, and responsible growth.

    We believe in listening to the demands of our changing world and meeting them responsibly—with products and services that enable modern life while allowing our customers and our company to thrive. We do this by balancing the responsible and the essential. That’s the path to long-term growth—a journey we are already on—proving that positive business results and positive social impacts are more than compatible; they are mutually enhancing.

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    Our Corporate Vision

    We aspire to improve the lives of people everywhere.

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    Setting clear strategies and putting them into practice


    Fluoroproducts are the building blocks for many of the world’s modern conveniences and industries. From automobiles to telecommunications, these products and their unique properties power innovations that are transforming industries around the world. And, as the leading maker of fluoroproducts, Chemours can discover new applications better than anyone.

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    Red-colored “Our Fluoroproducts business strategy” honeycomb that highlights key strategies used by Chemours to grow their Fluoroproducts business segment.


    Chemical Solutions

    Chemours Chemical Solutions works with customers and industries where the need is essential, the business is risky, and compromise is not an option. We partner with mining companies at the deepest level to understand their needs and deliver unparalleled stewardship and service, as well as safe, reliable products. Together, we will continue to use chemistry to deliver smarter, safer technology for the next generation.

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    Orange-colored “Our Chemical Solutions” business strategy honeycomb that highlights key strategies used by Chemours to grow their Chemical Solutions business segment.


    Titanium Technologies

    Our titanium dioxide is a key component of some of the whitest, brightest, and most efficient applications—brilliant paints, pristine plastic, gleaming laminates, and durable automotive and aerospace coatings. Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide formulations are based on chemistry we pioneered in 1931 and have been improving ever since. We are the global leader in TiO2 production and will not compromise on quality or environmental sustainability.

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    "Our Titanium Technologies business strategy" honeycomb that highlights key strategies used by Chemours to grow their Titanium Technologies business segment.


    Striving for responsible,
    long-term growth

    Since responsible growth is central to our future success, we took a bold stance on the issues of environmental and social responsibility. We committed ourselves to achieve 10 bold Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals by 2030 as a bedrock expression of our belief in the wisdom of balancing the essential with the responsible.


    These 10 goals were captured in our first Corporate Responsibility Commitment report, issued in October 2018. As we move forward, we commit each year to measure, monitor, and report on our progress.



    Growing Toward the Future

    Our strong portfolio and steady stream of new product applications position us for long-term responsible growth. In balancing the essential and the responsible, we’re providing the products that answer the world’s demand for more.


    Chemours 2018 Fluorochemicals financial highlights: Market opportunity for fluoropolymers in consumer electronics and communications is $2.3B by year 2027. Market opportunity for fluorochemicals in automobiles is $2.2B by year 2027.

    *Sources: McKinsey, Bain, HIS Markit, BCC Research, US Department of Energy, and Chemours sales data and market forecasting.

    Chemours Red Technological Advancements section title image.

    We’ve developed an advanced product portfolio to meet the world’s demands. Our polymers and chemicals are used throughout 5G wireless communications equipment, in autonomous transportation components, and in the manufacturing of semiconductors that make the Internet of Things possible.

    Orange Smart Cities section title image.

    The world is becoming smarter, more connected, and more autonomous. The innovations that make smart cities work depend on chemicals and polymers in the Chemours portfolio, which will allow us to capitalize on opportunities presented in growing smart cities around the world.

    Magenta Responsible solutions section title image.

    With the widespread tightening of environmental standards and a society demanding higher environmental aspirations, we foresee higher demand for our responsible solutions.

    • Opteon™

      Opteon™ refrigerants are facing continued growing demand in the wake of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards pushing the US mobile market toward these low global warming potential products. The move to Opteon™ in stationary refrigeration is gaining traction as a result of the European Union’s F-gas regulation and widespread international adoption of the Kigali Amendment.

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    • Nafion™

      Nafion™ fluorinated membranes help increase the efficiency of the renewable energy grid by storing wind and solar energy, helping to solve a crucial bottleneck on the way to a lower-carbon economy. The renewable energy and storage market have increased by 21% since 2016 and is projected to reach $850 million.

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    • Teflon EcoElite™

      Teflon EcoElite™ is the first plant-based, renewable non-fluorinated water repellent. This no-compromise product is up to three times more durable than other durable water repellents.

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    • Ti-Pure™

      Ti-Pure™ is a critical ingredient in highly reflective white roof coverings, which help radiate solar energy away from buildings, reducing the air conditioning needed to keep occupants cool. That helps keep CO2 emissions down and improves air quality.

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    • Ti-Pure™ One Coat™

      Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ is an innovative application that reduces the carbon footprint by 22% over the life of the product.

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